Colorado to Arizona (Nov 6 to Nov 20, 2022)

We made it from Colorado into Arizona! Sherry suggested we leave at 2am (yes A…M) on Sunday morning to skip heavy traffic on I-25 through Denver and Colorado Springs. Sounds crazy but it worked great when we tried it before.

Beautiful starry, full moon night. Not a cloud in the sky. Tooling south along I-25. Halfway to Denver. Not a car on the road. When suddenly we see headlights shining toward us in our lane. What? We slow down and car parts are strewn all over the road. Two cars had somehow smashed into each other on this night with no other cars around. As we pulled to the inside shoulder of the road and asked if they were ok, they waved us on, said everyone was ok, and they had already called 911. So we continued on.

Almost no traffic through Denver and we get south of Colorado Springs. Now it’s 3:30am. Hardly any cars, but … what’s that cloud ahead in our lane? As we get closer, we see a car rolled over on its side, headlights pointing sideways, a cloud of dust everywhere. It had just happened, and nowhere to pull over with a travel trailer without creating a tighter bottleneck. We called 911 and they had someone on their way. We prayed for safety and healing for everyone we’d seen tonight.

About 5am it seemed like a good idea to pull over in a rest area and sleep for a few hours. What a night! Woke to a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains.

In New Mexico, exit 419 on I-25, seemingly the middle of nowhere, be sure to stop. Only thing there is a place to get gas, eat, and see these fabulous Muscle Cars! Russell’s Truck Stop, but the sign outside just says gas.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, showered, ate, and enjoyed a full night’s rest at the Route 66 Casino along I-40.

Refreshed, headed west along I-40 to Holcomb, Arizona. Saw another accident with emergency crews already onsite. Headed south at Holcomb, and enjoyed the mountainous drive. The RV park was “off the beaten path”, but we found it. New owners. Quiet. Small. Lots of potential for the RV park. Tried our new StarLink internet connection. Even through all the trees it worked really well. Way better than the cell tower data we used in previous years. Need to figure out a way to mount the Starlink antenna to the roof of the travel trailer and not have it blow off.

On to Mesa, Arizona. Stayed at Mesa Spirit RV Park. Canadians and residents from the cold northern U.S. states have returned to winter in the warm southwest after the covid travel restrictions. Other than Bob going to a seminar for a few days we are enjoying water aerobics each morning, card games in the afternoon, and socializing.

The other night at karaoke Bob got the crowd laughing hysterically with his rendition of Mick Jagger singing “Can’t Get No… Satisfaction”. We’re having a great time. Planning to be in these warmer southwestern states for the winter.

Thank you for again joining us as we are “On Our Adventure”!

Bob and Sherry

(and Louie and T-Roll)

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