Arizona to California (Nov 21 to Dec 31, 2022)

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Isn’t this a great
sign at a secondhand store in
Apache Junction, Arizona?

Take a moment.

Let the comedy of this sign sink in!

Perhaps Noah’s Arc?

In the desert of Yuma, Arizona!

Over 400 Nativity Scenes…

…Christmas Journey to Bethlehem

First United Methodist Church

Yuma, Arizona

Cowboy Nativity scene…

…Corn husk Nativity scene

Charlie Brown Nativity scene…

… Bears Nativity scene

Puppies Nativity scene…

A Balanced Diet
a Christmas Cookie
Each Hand!

Christmas Calories Don’t Count!

Top of World’s Tallest Flagpole

184 feet BELOW sea level

near Salton Sea

Christmas parade
Fountain of Youth RV Spa Resort

Mineral wells 131 degrees bubbling out of the ground at 600 gallons per minute!

Opened in 1961 by
J.T. Trily and Frank Domeno
who searched years and located these amazing hot aquifers

Located in the deserts of Southern California

Water volleyball, bocce ball, card games, hot pools, saltwater pools, pickle ball, fitness center, exercise classes, music, shuffleboard, post office boxes, local talent night, pool tables, ping pong, multiple church faiths, line dancing, karaoke, dune buggy folks, bird watching, hiking, biking, convenience store, fresh vegetables brought in from local vendors, tennis, puzzle room, computer room, special events.

Residents at the RV park are age 55+. Canadians, Minnesotans, and plenty of other cold weather folks here for the season.

Christmas luncheon at
Fountain of Youth

Sunset view from our trailer

paradise near the Salton Sea

Thank you for joining us!

We look forward to reading your emails as we continue On Our Adventure!

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1 Response to Arizona to California (Nov 21 to Dec 31, 2022)

  1. aleta says:

    nice photos..must be great to be “out there” again.. Happy New Year!

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