Membership RV Parks

You may be wondering how we averaged only $10/night full-timing? Membership in private RV campgrounds is a big part of saving. Every organization is unique with varying benefits, costs, and locations. Be sure to select one or more that fit your traveling needs. Admittedly, if we were vacationing for a couple of weeks then joining a private RV park organization may not make sense, but when we’re full-timing, every penny counts!

Here’s our story how we joined Thousand Trails. We’d just started RV’ing. After camping in RV campgrounds in beautiful mountains with no water or sewer or electric at our campsite we desired to try a “regular” RV park. Booked one week for $225 at this RV park in an area we wanted to explore. Upon arrival, the manager asked if we were members. The answer was “No”. Their response? Before they check us in, talk with their sales person who will be returning shortly. (“Oh terrific” we’re thinking. This RV thing is like walking onto a car lot. Gotta talk to the “salesman”. Call us cynical or cautious but we suspected a little bait and switch coming. ) But we said OK anyway, and decided to wait.

Upon the arrival of the “salesperson” they were all warm and friendly and invited us into their office. Showed us the membership options. (Caution! Caution!) Then they said, “To start, just get the one zone which includes all 18 Thousand Trail RV Parks in California, includes 30 nights free each year, and only $3/night after the free 30 nights. Stay up to 2 weeks in one RV park, then stay overnight in RV parks that are not Thousand Trails related for 7 nights, in for 14 nights, out for 7 nights, and repeat as often as desired. Cost? $525 for the year. And they would apply the $225 we had already paid for just one week toward the $525 annual membership.” (This was in 2013. Prices and packages change.)

What? You’ve got to be kidding! This is a deal and a half! SIGN US UP! Here’s some pictures of some of the Thousand Trail parks. Every park is different but that is true of every RV park regardless of ownership.

Thousand Trails clubhouse, Lake of the Springs in California

Yes, we are avid fans of Thousand Trails, which is owned by Equity Lifestyle Properties (NYSE: ELS). Eventually we enhanced our membership to include the entire United States. There are numerous different membership choices that include different locations, number of nights in and out, semi-permanent options for people who want to leave their RV at one location, and more. TIP: Make sure Thousand Trails has RV parks where you want to travel. For more information about current pricing and options CLICK HERE.

Thousand Trails entrance in Soledad Canyon, California

Escapees (aka SKP)

Much more than simply discounts, Escapees‘ purpose is helping the community of RV’rs (full-timers, part-timers, weekenders) using all types of RV’s (travel trailers, RV’s, fifth wheels, etc.) of all ages and generations that work or play while on the road to be a community helping each other with education, discounts, rallies and events and in many other ways.

Escapees RV Park in Bushnell, FL

We’ve enjoyed both private Escapee RV Parks and public RV parks affiliated with Escapees. The community of people at the parks is friendly and inviting. Rates are definitely better than public RV parks.

Escapees is an excellent organization with more than 60,000 members which every RV’r should join. Benefits are fabulous, and supporting a worthwhile purpose that drives Escapees is good use of your funds. More info at