Discounts on RV Parks

Passport America

A terrific money saver for us. We’ve stayed as little as $10/night at some really nice RV campgrounds with full hookups. Annual Pass costs about $49/year. Savings is generally 50% off normal overnight rate.

The RV places that accept Passport America appear to be independently owned. Seems like a great way to help fill the park, introduce new visitors to the park’s amenities, and help the RV’er to save a bundle of cash. Limitations such as maximum number of nights or valid only certain nights during the week are typical.

Resort Parks International

Monte Vista pool and palm trees at night

Do you prefer
fitness center,
pool tables,
hot tubs,
ping pong,
swimming pool,
bocce ball,
library, and a
very active, healthy group of adults who visit for entire winters! That describes perfectly some of the Arizona RPI RV Parks we enjoyed.
Our cost through RPI to stay for an entire week? $133. (Each park has different rates.)

RPI RV Parks in the United States

We learned about RPI when we expanded our Thousand Trails membership to nationwide. RPI promotes membership through other campground membership organizations instead of allowing people to join directly. Our annual fee is only $89/yr but they may have various programs. Contact RPI to find out what works best for you and how you can start benefiting from RPI membership. 800-635-8498.

Escapees (aka SKP)

Much more than simply discounts, Escapees‘ purpose is helping the community of RV’rs (full-timers, part-timers, weekenders) using all types of RV’s (travel trailers, RV’s, fifth wheels, etc.) of all ages and generations that work or play while on the road to be a community helping each other with education, discounts, rallies and events and in many other ways.

Escapees RV Park in Bushnell, FL

We’ve enjoyed both private Escapee RV Parks and public RV parks affiliated with Escapees. The community of people at the parks is friendly and inviting. Rates are definitely better than public RV parks.

Escapees is an excellent organization with more than 60,000 members which every RV’r should join. Benefits are fabulous, and supporting a worthwhile purpose that drives Escapees is good use of your funds. More info at