Our Summer Vacation 2018…

From Southern California “hippy days”,

2018-01-20 Val Sherry Bashford 60s dance

Val and Sherry from the 60’s…

2018-02-07 Sherry in Hammock2018-01-23 Crib Kids Jerry Bob Sherry Heather

to lounging in Bev’s backyard hammock…

or being “cool” indoors…

and taking care of “Lucky” in Arizona…

2018-05-05 Sherry and Lucky 16.20.45

Sherry and Lucky

even getting car stuck in sand while driving backroads near Tucson…

2018-03-17 Digging Out

Take the shortcut!

2018-02-06 Circus Bears

Louie, Honey, and Brownie “bearing around”

fun making a totem pole with friends…

2018-05-08 Sherry Bob at San Tan Flats in Queen Creek AZ

Sherry and Bob enjoy dinner at San Tan Flats

or going to San Tan Flats in Queen Creek, we’re having a great time.

Not sure where we head to after Colorado, but thank you for joining us “On Our Adventure!”

Keep in touch!

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1 Response to Our Summer Vacation 2018…

  1. Terry W Mabbitt says:

    We are the campground managers for Bellaire Lake Campground if you happen to get this way!

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