Out of Power!

Our first stay without electrical outlets to plug into for power we stayed one week in a National Forest. Gorgeous setting. Lots of trees and hiking. Campground had a central water spigot and showers but no power to individual campsites. No problem we thought.

Sherry hiking to Mount Palomar Observatory in CA

Noticed our incandescent bulbs getting dimmer each evening. At the end of the week our trailer batteries were nearly drained. No problem we thought.

We’d been told trailer batteries charge while driving. Drove a couple hours to the next National Forest. Central water spigot but no power to individual campsites. No problem we thought.

Until we discovered our trailer batteries had not recharged. We were OUT OF POWER! EEK!

Learned 2 things:

Observatory Campground, Cleveland National Forest, CA
  1. Batteries “trickle charge” while driving, which means at least 8 to 12 hours non-stop driving to charge. Learning curve!
  2. Our propane refrigerator requires battery power! Learning curve!

Conserving power is essential. Started on the Learning curve of

  1. Power management
  2. Conserving power
  3. LED vs Incandescent bulbs
  4. Solar Panel vs Generator
  5. What is an amp? (as in 20amp, 30amp, 50amp)

(Soon, but not yet, you will be able to simply Click on each topic to read more…)

Thank you for joining us On Our Adventure!

Bob and Sherry

Tell us your story! Ask a question! We love hearing from you!

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