AZ-CA-NM-AZ-CA-where? (Oct-Dec 2017)

Hectic, Fun, Sad, Hectic, Fun, Hectic, Fun yep, that sums it up!

2017-10-07 Bob Sherry goofy picturesedited

Bob and Sherry goofin’ around at the wedding pics…

2017-10-07 Chris and Jenyka first danceEdited

Dancing at the wedding

 FUN! Last blog we were preparing for October wedding in Arizona. Beautiful bride and groom plus a super fun time.


HECTIC – Sherry flew to Colorado to bring her Toyota car back to Arizona. We now travel with two cars. Why? Yukon engine was failing. Debated replace engine vs replace car with diesel pickup truck then upgrade trailer to fifth wheel. Replace engine won coin toss.


2017-11-01 Louie Hauling Trailer

Is Louie the bear really driving the Toyota pulling the trailer????

FUN! While Yukon was in shop for a week getting new engine, neighbors in RV park never saw the Yukon. Only saw the Toyota. Neighbors kept asking how we pull our trailer with the Toyota! Picture shows Louie preparing to pull the trailer with the Toyota.



2017-10-08 Organ Pipe Pizza Mesa AZ 16.33.24

Wurlitzer Pipe Organ with nearly 6,000 pipes

FUN! Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, AZ, hosts Wurlitzer pipe organ with nearly 6,000 pipes! Enjoyed two-hour concert while devouring some tasty pizza. Great family atmosphere. (Colorado trivia: This Wurlitzer pipe organ was originally built in 1927 for the Denver Theatre in Denver, Colorado and continued in use for many years before being silenced by a fire that damaged essential parts.)

HECTIC – Drove both cars and trailer from Arizona back to Southern California near Salton Sea. Really miss being in the Yukon with Sherry. Being together is a whole lot more fun than driving separately.

2017-11-21 Geneedited

Gene Hansen. 92. He will be missed.

SAD… Sherry’s father passed away in Colorado. Age 92. He will be missed.

HECTIC – Sherry immediately drove to Colorado to be with her mom after learning about her dad passing away. Bob flew next day to Colorado for funeral. Sherry stayed with her mom several weeks helping out.

HECTIC – Sherry’s and her mom Bev got things taken care in Colorado so… Time to head south to Arizona for the winter! Bev flies but Sherry drives from Colorado to Tucson a few days before Bev – in time to pick Bev up at the Tucson airport. Stays in Tucson a few weeks to help Bev.

HECTIC – Bob flies California to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a few days consulting job.

2017-11-28 DeLorean Albuquerque NM

“Back to the Future” DeLorean

FUN! While in Albuquerque visited National Nuclear Science and History Museum. Saw (“PLEASE DON’T TOUCH!”) DeLorean from “Back to the Future“!




2017-11-28 time lapse eclipseedited

Time lapse of eclipse in the desert

Time-lapse photo of eclipse in the desert.

2017-12-01 Balloon Museum Albuquerque NM 10.45.42edited

Albuquerque International Balloon Museum


You’ve probably heard of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta each October? Toured Albuquerque International Balloon Museum where the fiesta begins. Museum houses balloons from expeditions crossing the North Pole, South Pole, Atlantic Ocean, and many more. Worth visiting.

HECTIC/FUN:! Bob drives from California to Arizona for some work stuff plus a few days fun in Tucson with Sherry and Bev.

2017-12-22 Sherry and Bev on Christmas Caroling Hay Ride

Sherry and Bev join jolly carolers

FUN! Bev and Sherry drive Tucson to California for Christmas with Bob at Bashford’s RV Park near Salton Sea. Lots of fun Christmas caroling on the hay ride – especially with all the (alcohol enhanced) “egg nog” served at each stop along the way. Karaoke after caroling (and remember the egg nog?).


2017-12-10 Bashford RV Park 16.00.29edited

Jelly Belly Christmas

Bob’s rendition of Mick Jagger singing “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” caused Bev to ask Sherry if Bob gets like this often! Crowd loved it.



Unexplained lights in the night sky. Santa and his reindeer perhaps?

2017-12-22 Christmas caroling night near Salton Sea 17.32.47edited

Strange lights in the night sky while caroling. UFO? Aliens? Lasted several minutes moving across the sky.

FUN! Slab City with Bev. Pictures show some of the creative artistry from the residents.

2017-12-23 Slab City Fork in the Road 12.09.48

FORK IN THE ROAD! at Slab City

2017-12-23 Slab City 12.02.30edited

Slab City vehicle artwork







2017-12-23 Bev and Sherry at Salvatin Mountain

Bev and Sherry visit Salvation Mountain

FUN! Salvation Mountain. Always a must see.

HECTIC – Sherry and Bev make hasty exit from California back to Tucson when Bev learns her grand-daughter Brenna is in Tucson for a few days from North Carolina.

2017-11-03 Sherry at Bashfords RV Park 11.14.48

Sherry with Chocolate Mountains in background at Bashford RV Park near Salton Sea, CA.



FUN! Sherry and Bob are finally together again in the trailer at Bashford’s RV Park near the Salton Sea in sunny Southern California. Location is warm and sunny – far from the fires, mud-slides and heavy rains. Whew!


20180110_16231 Cowboy Bob singing

“Bobby M…” singing

FUN! Now our weeks are filled with a selection of activities:
Aquasize each morning in the pool.
Sherry leads aquasize when instructor is gone.
Music jam session Monday nights.
Cribbage Tuesday nights.
Happy Hour Wednesday afternoons.
Bingo Thursday evenings.
Karaoke Friday nights.
Monthly free breakfast paid for by RV Park recycling.
Dances with live music Saturday nights.
Church on Sunday.

2017-12-22 Louie

Louie keeping his head warm

FUN! Sherry is the popular massage therapist in the park. Bob fills in as guest musician for  Happy Hour, dances, monthly breakfast, and church.

WHEW!   Thanks for hanging in until the end.  Until next time as we continue On Our Adventure!


Webmaster Louie loves to read your comments!



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  1. Terry W Mabbitt says:

    Kathy and I finished our first camp host contract this September. Our first summer job in the fifth wheel and it was great. We are staying in Wyoming but have been asked to come back and be camp host again next year which makes it actually this year. Trailer versus fifth wheel. I have to vote for fifth wheel. Received a job offer outside of Yellowstone National Park but couldn’t take the fifth wheel with us so they have asked us to apply for summer work it looking forward to this coming up. Hope you’re doing well on your trips it is fun. Terry and Kathy PS still Square dancing!

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