On the Road… Again! (Aug-Sep 2017)

It’s great to be On Our Adventure again.

2017-08-26 Group at Gene 92nd birthday

Celebrating with Gene on his 92nd birthday. Way to go Gene!

After six weeks in Colorado,  we drove briskly using the northern/cooler route to Northern California. US 6 across Nevada is mighty desolate: Barely a car was seen. Nearing Reno, traffic increased and many cars were totally covered in white stuff. We think it was alkali on the cars returning from Burning Man.

2017-09-04 entering California on Donner Pass

Welcome to California! Donner Pass on Labor Day.

Donner Pass on Labor Day Monday was essentially a parking lot of weekenders driving home. Welcome to California traffic!





2017-09-07 TT Snowflower Emigrant Gap CA

Camping at Emigrant Gap, CA


Enough of the traffic. Pulled off at Emigrant Gap near Donner Pass and stayed several days in beautiful, peaceful, tall forest trees by the lake. Ahhhh.



2017-09-05 TT Lake at Snowflower Emigrant Gap CA

Lake we camped next to and hiked around at Emigrant Gap, CA

When we resumed traveling, we enjoyed all the fields of produce growing in Central California as we headed south to visit friends and relatives. Great time in Morro Bay, Oceano, Santa Paula, Pasadena, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Lake Havasu with friends and relatives.


2017-09-19 Binoculars at Venice Beach CA

The Binoculars Building at Venice Beach, CA

Experienced our first Sound Bath while in Pasadena. Quite the experience! Difficult to describe but highly recommend it. And the Vegan food at the restaurant before the Sound Bath completed the experience. I have the good fortune of eating fabulous food prepared by Sherry and JR and Debbie and Ellen and Belinda and Brenna and many of our other gifted friends so I’m not making any comparisons. I’m just saying it was really good.

2017-09-19 Bob and Sherry Venice Beach CA

Walking on the beach with my sweetheart

Arrived at the ocean! Walked barefoot in the waves along the beach with Sherry. Great times.





2017-09-16 Sherry with Julie the Cockatoo in Santa Paula CA

Sherry with the cockatoo Julie

Sherry and Julie the cockatoo were quite the pair talking to each other. Then the cockatoo would pretend to fall, laugh and look at us to see our reaction. Polly want a cracker? Ha ha ha.



2017-09-25 TT Palm Desert CA

Date trees at sunset in Palm Springs, CA

Currently in the Phoenix, AZ, area preparing for a family wedding. After recovering from the wedding, plans include turning around and heading west into southern California. We look forward to your comments while we are On Our Adventure!



2017-10-03 Louis Lamour

Love this quote by Louis Lamour

Bob and Sherry

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