Weeks 89-93: Florida to Texas (Dec 7, 2014 – Jan 10, 2015)

New Friends, New Fun!

New Friends, New Fun!

A ton of fun in Florida playing cards, riding bicycles, swimming, soaking in the hot tub, playing guitar at jam sessions, and meeting new friends.

Louie catchin' some rays

Louie catching some rays


Jungle trail in Florida

Jungle trail in Florida



Beware hiking Florida trails   where the ‘gators and snakes play, at least that’s what the signs on the trail say.

HUGE avocados grown in Florida

HUGE avocados grown in Florida



Delicious HUGE avocados grown in Florida.

Fresh picked strawberries!

Fresh picked strawberries!


It’s December, but strawberry season in Florida.


Louie with his Bear buddies (and Bob) at our campsite in Mississippi.

Louie, Bob, and the Bears in Mississippi

Louie, Bob, and the Bears in Mississippi

Sherry has cousins in Florida, too. We play Hand and Foot card game with Junior and Francis, and a few days later visit Clyde and Dee.

Visit with Bob’s cousin Diane and her husband John, plus their son John and his family. It’s been too many years since we last visited.

Cheese Puffs get Sherry's vote

Cheese Puffs get Sherry’s vote


General Delivery usually works well for that special mail we need to receive, such as niece Brenna’s home-made Christmas cookies. Sometimes we don’t time it right, like this time: We had already departed before the cookies arrived. Post office is great, though. They forward the cookies no extra charge for us.

Cheetos Cheese Puffs vs Crunchy. What’s your vote?

Will I win this hand?

Will I win this hand?

Florida is fun, but Tucson is our choice for the winter. Planning to arrive just in time to celebrate Sherry’s mom Bev’s birthday. Through Alabama, Mississippi and southern Texas, resting up outside of Houston before we tackle western Texas in January. While here, we square dance and visit friends Jeb and Lori, play Texas Hold ‘em, join in guitar jam sessions, and play pool.


Until we meet again On Our Adventure, God Bless, and remember the special person you truly are.

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