Still taking a break!

2016-05-05_174245 Bob and Sherry in Tulsa OKLiving full-time in our travel trailer for 5 years provided us more fun and memories than we ever envisioned. We met new friends that shared incredible stories of their adventures and their lives, gone places we previously didn’t know existed, experienced nature and God’s creations in ways that touched our hearts and soul, and lived a lifestyle many only daydream about.

It was 2018 when we paused. Each time we were going to resume the adventure, something else detoured us. When we finally do resume our adventure (and yes! we will resume it!) we will let all our friends and relatives know when we post updates. (If you would like to be notified, simply send us your email address using the box below.)

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy a few slideshows summarizing some great years. (P.S. All the individual posts are listed on the right side of the page, and organized by State and by Year in the menu above.)

2015 Adventure Map2

2015 was amazing!
58 places — 6,892 miles
From New Year’s Day in Florida to California coast. Help friends and relatives move. Hiking Yosemite. Bicycling Utah. Click to Enjoy a short video of highlights from 2015!

2014 Adventure Map2

2014 continued the fun. This time headed south and east from California into Texas, up to Colorado, across to New York, and down to Florida. Great times along the way. 7200 miles. 68 places.  Click to Enjoy video highlights from 2014. 


2013 On Our Adventure!

2013 was the beginning. Stayed overnight in our trailer 48 different locations traveling 4432 miles with the trailer along the west coast. An amazing time. Enjoy the 6 minute video we put together for you! Click here to watch the 2013 video.

Until we meet again… On Our Adventure!

Bob and Sherry (and of course Louie!)

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