Week 45: Groupies, Uncle Bob’s Popcorn, Spelling Bees (Feb 9-15, 2014)

Hot Mama Rocker and her Groupies

Hot Mama Rocker and her Groupies

Hot Mama Rocker is getting groupies! Enjoying our time together. Do a few repairs on the trailer, add bicycle racks inside the car, and…

Valerie at Uncle Bob's Popcorn

Valerie at Uncle Bob’s Popcorn

Imagine fifty years selling popcorn! That’s what Uncle Bob’s Popcorn has been doing. Black Cherry or the Chocolate Fudge, which is our favorite? Just one more taste… 

Bob in Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee at the bar

A spelling bee? Why not? Bob enters, makes it thru two rounds, then falls by the wayside. It’s another of those “scary yet harmless” events that adds spice to life.

Bob bicycling up Mount Lemmon

Bicycling up Mount Lemmon

Tucson has beautiful weather: Perfect for bicycling outside, even riding partway up Mount Lemmon.

When we get together with musicians, it usually involves both  playing guitar and singing. The audience enjoys hearing the singing, so it’s time to shop around for microphone and speakers. (Sing with a joyful noise!)

The Olympics continue to be exciting, wrapping up each evening On Our Adventure!

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