Week 37: Stump the Avocado Experts, Chumash Cave Paintings, Sherry Faster than a Speeding Radar Gun (Dec 8-21 2013)

Sherry Tim Frank Debbie Bob Ellen in the new Tuff Shed

Sherry Tim Frank Debbie Bob Ellen in the new Tuff Shed

As we enter Southern California, we visit friends and relatives one more time before we turn our adventure eastward. But first, Sherry meets one of those “Nice Highway Patrol Officers” when he pulls her over for big-time speeding. She is usually a stickler for going the speed limit, but I guess she got carried away with the moment, right?

Byron, owner of Byroon's Guitar Shop in Lompoc, CA

Byron, owner of Byroon’s Guitar Shop in Lompoc, CA

It’s Thursday, when some of Lompoc’s guitarists get together to jam at Howlin’ Byroon’s Music Exchange. Bob joins right in on guitar, and we all had a great time.

Sherry stumps the avocado experts with tiny avocados from Cousin Jennifer’s tree. The Mexican mini-avocado is about the size of an avocado seed, and has a skin so thin we eat skin and all. Let us know if you’ve ever tasted anything like it!

Chumash  Painted Cave

Chumash Painted Cave

We all pile into Frank and Debbie’s truck, drive a steep, twisty mountain road, and see the Chumash Cave Paintings. The adventure of the road getting to the cave is more exciting than the paintings, and that’s ok.

Ellen, Tim, Debbie, Frank, Sherry in Solvang, CA

Ellen, Tim, Debbie, Frank, Sherry in Solvang, CA

Then, on to Solvang, where we all start with sausages and beer, sample delicious almond roll, taste varieties of olive oil, enjoy a good ginger snap at the ginger bread house, tease our palettes with local wine tasting, and finish the day with delicious dinner at seaside restaurant.

Tim, Ellen Sherry, Bob bicycling in Santa Rosa, CA

Tim, Ellen Sherry, Bob bicycling in Santa Paula, CA

Sherry, Tim, Ellen, and Bob bicycle 22 miles thru the Santa Paula Mountains to Frank and Debbie’s. Longest mountain ride Sherry has done yet. Way to go Sherry! A few days later, Ellen and Bob bicycle again, 46 miles this time, from Santa Paula thru Ojai to Ventura and back home. Last‑mile beer tastes mighty good at the end of a long ride.

Annual Christmas party at The Barn, hosted by Steve and Deb, provides opportunity to meet many third generation town folk from the Santa Paula area. Mighty special.

 Have a great New Year’s Eve, and we will see you again next week On Our Adventure!

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