Week 35: Cousin Jennifer, Father Terry, and an Old Fashioned Christmas Parade (Dec 1-7, 2013)

We travel south in California, driving a winding, sometimes single lane road to cousin Jennifer’s home. I’m glad this is the season for good cheer because a long line of traffic follows patiently behind our trailer going up the steep grade!

Family Christmas Photo

Family Christmas Photo

Bob happily sampling Tom's Scotch

Bob happily sampling Tom’s Scotch

Upon arriving, we have lots of fun playing guitar together, cranking the electric guitar to the max, decorating the Christmas tree/bush, making a wreath using branches from the tree, thinning eggnog with just a wee bit o’ whiskey, and simply having a good time. Add a video chat to family overseas to celebrate birthdays, and voila, technology adds spice to life. One evening, Bob thoroughly enjoys Tom’s excellent collection of Scotch. Slow moving the next morning, but he sure had fun!

Japanese Tea House

Japanese Tea House

Cat5 wire as only a knitter would roll it up!

Cat5 wire as only a knitter would roll it up!

Sherry joyfully provides massages to the entire family, then we enjoy lunch at the Farmer’s Market in Santa Cruz. Sipping tea at a Japanese tea house was a first for us. The tea house requests cell phones be turned totally off, so no texting or disturbance of any kind. Quite enjoyable relaxing in a peaceful atmosphere.

Christmas Parade in Lompoc

Christmas Parade in Lompoc

Time with cousins comes to an end, and we travel south to Lompoc. We stayed here for a couple of weeks back in September, and really enjoyed it. We arrive on Friday afternoon, in time to watch the town’s festive Christmas Parade. Most of the town gets involved, either being in the parade or cheering from curbside.

Upon learning that our good friend Diane is in hospital near us in California, we call and leave a voice message to let her know we will be visiting. When she listens to our message, in which we say, “This is Bob and Sherry” it records as “This is Father Terry”. We can only imagine her apprehension if she thinks her condition is serious enough for a priest to visit. We are happy to report that Diane is well enough to get out of the hospital soon after we leave – before “Father Terry” can invoke any last rites!

As we travel On Our Adventure this season, our prayer is this will truly be a joyous season for you and loved ones.

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