Week 15: July 14 – 20, 2013 Vineyard Netting Time, Cinnamon Rolls, and Desserts…

This week we continue to enjoy friends and work at Andy and Carolyn’s Chuparosa Vineyard. Tim nicknames me “Shade Maker” because of how much shade I’m making by trimming up the oleander bushes and other trees.

Zinfandel veraison

Zinfandel veraison

This is netting week in the vineyard to prevent birds from eating the grapes as the grapes begin turning from green to purple due to increasing sugar content in the grapes. Called veraison. (see pic) Netting is a lot of work. Fortunately, Tim and Andy innovated machinery to make the job easier. Sherry and I tour the area.

Candied Apple Pastry Company in Julian, CA.

Candied Apple Pastry Company in Julian, CA.

The best cinnamon rolls are at the Candied Apple Pastry Company in Julian. (Their Triple Chocolate Brownies were a close second. Grin.)


Gregory Pacheco Memorial

Gregory Pacheco Memorial

On the way to Mount Palomar Observatory, stopped to give tribute to Gregory Pacheco, died as firefighter in 1999, fighting the LaJolla fire. (see pic)

Sherry at Mount Palomar

Sherry at Mount Palomar

 Toured Mount Palomar, which has helped us gaze deep into space since 1949. In addition to star gazing, we loved the view of the cedar tree looking up thru the center of it.

Look up the center of the cedar tree at Mount Palomar

Looking up the center of the cedar tree at Mount Palomar

Sherry wins a quick $25 at blackjack table at the Santa Ysabel Resort and Casino.

Pickup a delicious Crumb top apple pie at Julian Pie Company for dinner, and of course the best meat for dinner at Bisher’s in Ramona. Evening at The Point, plus a little Wii with Tim and Ellen finished off a very memorable week.



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