Week 3: April 21 – 28, 2013 Under Contract!

Our 1,000 sq ft garage is packed with 30 years of pieces and parts from various projects. I’m embarrassed how many duplicates of stuff we have, and I was still buying the same parts because I did not realize we had them. Emailed friends that we are selling the garage stuff. A friend stops by and we make a one price for everything in the shelves deal. Great deal for him, and we will get rid of all those misc pieces and parts. The prospect of trying to sell all that stuff using garage sales was not a great thought to me. That evening Laura calls, lets us know we have 2 offers. After reviewing both, we accepted the best offer. Woo Hoo! 2 days on the market, 2 offers, and we close in 30 days! Sherry’s positive attitude was way better than my pessimism. Sherry and I are in awe. Two offers in two days? Closing in thirty days? What we did not realize at the time was this was just the beginning of an amazing story that God orchestrated. Let the journey begin. Praise God!

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