Week 2: April 14 – 20, 2013 Staging our home…

Staging rep shows up at our home to give us ideas on how to make our home more desireable. Continue to work out at Gold’s Gym, and at Men’s 6:33, finally playing with the band while leading worship. Very exciting, helping lead men into God’s presence. Appraiser and photographer show up. Dawns on me that this is really happening, the house being for sale, and I need to get with the program. Start moving things out of the house into a single car garage we will use to store the few things, like tools and pictures, that we won’t get rid of. 4 showings scheduled for the weekend. The “fish bowl” experience begins. I realize our house is just the newby on the listings, and I don’t get my hopes up anything will come from these showings, however Sherry is much more positive.

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