Birthday Fun! Shooting! Celebrations! (Feb 2023)


Bob and Sherry connected with Cousin Wayne and his wife Cecile while visiting the west coast. Bob and Wayne have been friends since youngest years, both growing up in California and visiting each other often.

Marge and Sherry and Bob really enjoyed their time together, walking the pier, visiting, watching people playing in the (cold) winter ocean, and having a terrific lunch together. Marge was kind enough to show us around Casa Romantica while sharing the fascinating history of this ocean town.

At first, we thought this pelican was such a sociable little guy. He just stood there while people photographed and lingered near him. But then we all noticed his runny nose! We started thinking he really wasn’t feeling well at all, and probably wanted to be left alone. He eventually sat down and tucked everything in close. At that point someone in the crowd called the local animal society to provide help.

Long-time skydiving friend Mary visited Bob and Sherry at their travel trailer after we all enjoyed lunch together. Mary has been skydiving about 40 years, has literally thousands of skydives, and even teaches skydiving techniques to young military jumpers. Pretty impressive, especially for a grandmother, eh?

Such a rowdy crew! Blowing noise makers at Bev’s 93rd birthday party in Tucson. Plenty of stories were shared. If you weren’t there, you missed out!

Joe flew in from Colorado to hold these birthday candles (93) for Bev. She appears a bit surprised by it all! Knowing Joe, I’m sure there’s a funny story here.

Barb flew in to visit. Here, Bev and Sherry are picking Barb up at the airport. Always good to have a sign, just in case!

Look closely. Change your perspective. Notice the RV in the background? The RV owners made by hand from weathered wood this tiny western town RV skirting. We meet such creative people!

JR was spot-on during his target shooting in the desert. We coordinated with Pam and JR to stay at the same RV park in Yuma during his shooting matches. Had a ton of fun playing card games together, dining together with their friends, and Bob even took JR up on his offer to join in the shooting fun! Had a great time together.

We are currently in the California deserts, enjoying hot mineral spas from natural hot springs, and getting to meet even more new friends. Thank you for joining us again as we venture around while On Our Adventure!

Bob and Sherry

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