A Pause On Our Adventure (May 15 – …)

2016-05-10 14.23.52 Mullinville KS

Artistic creations in Mullinsville, KS

The past three years have been a marvelous experience, meeting super people, enjoying places in the United States that some people will never see, and growing stronger in our love for each other. This whole adventure started as God wanting us out of the ruts we were in. He orchestrated amazing things to make it happen. Every season ends. And it appears this season has wrapped up for a while.

2016-05-06 19.29.09 Niece Kathy and Bob

Niece Kathy with Bob

We were in a remote area of Texas, with virtually no cell phone reception, and received a voice message that the Government would like to hire Bob to work in Kansas. We found cell reception (amazingly, and very briefly), made a few phone calls, and decided to go for it. The start date gave us just enough time to travel thru Oklahoma, visit nephew Mike and family, plus niece Kathy and her daughter, before arriving in a small town in Kansas.

2016-05-15 15.02.05 Memorial

The town is small, but their Honor is HUGE.

We now have an entirely new adventure of Bob learning a new job, Sherry getting her massage business rolling, housing (Do we upgrade to a fifth wheel or get a house? Rent? Buy? Oh my!), learning the town, meeting the people, and getting involved in the local community…  The traveling part of our adventure is on pause for now. The past three years were an amazing time. We thank everyone for following along with us. Someday we will launch out again, having gained considerable knowledge in how to live full time on the road. But for now, we are back in the mainstream. It’s been great getting feedback from you along the way. Life itself is an adventure. The traveling part of On Our Adventure is on hold, but we are embracing this new season with excitement and anticipation. It’s been fabulous! Please stay in touch.

2016-05-22 13.54.14 Sherry by train in Garden City zoo

Sherry stands by “Ol’ Two Bits” at the Garden City Zoo.










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