Burros Rule! Kitchen Chemistry, Cowboy Church… (Oct 18 – Nov 22, 2015)

2015-10-19 Canyonlands National Park UT

Hail in Canyonlands National Park, Utah

The weather changed dramatically after the warm, sunny days bicycling in Utah. Returning to Moab, we now view lightning storms at night, followed by rain for days. Nevertheless, Arches National Park, rain or shine, is quite the sight to see.

2015-10-22 14.55.44 Navajo National Monument UT

Navajo National Monument, UT

Leaving Moab, a night in the Navajo National Monument in Arizona provides pretty views, chilly temperatures, camping without water or electric hookups, and the campground fee is free.


2015-10-26 20.21.16 Kitchen Chemistry

Kitchen Chemistry fun and surprises

Several leisurely days traveling to Las Vegas. We park in the backyard of new friends Jeremy and Carie, who we met in Yosemite. Evening entertainment was sometimes kitchen chemistry with their family, the adults having a lot of fun, too. Have you ever done the experiment in which food coloring creates a line in the middle of a paper towel, then dip one end of the towel into a water bowl? Everyone had differing opinions as to what would happen. Sorry, I’m not about to spoil the surprise by telling the ending. You’ll have to try it! <grin>

2015-10-26 14.39.07 Sherry KayKay Ray on trampoline

Sherry and Crack the Egg

Trampolines provide hours of fun, and Sherry joined right in with the children playing “Crack the Egg” on the trampoline. (I love that she’s a kid at heart.)

2015-10-28 20.25.05 Million Dollar Legs

Jeremy and his amazing legs

If you ever meet Jeremy, he’s the always positive, upbeat, encouraging person wearing two leg prosthetics plus an arm prosthetic. We visited his workplace, where he and coworkers change people’s lives with custom artificial limbs. Very exciting place. High energy. (Website www.nvoandp.com)

Despite their invitations for us to stay longer, which we thoroughly appreciate, it’s time to travel to Bob’s cousin Peg near Lake Havasu. We always have a wonderful time together. (One of the bonuses to this lifestyle is really getting to know people – be it siblings, cousins, college room-mates, family members, or new friends we meet while on our adventure.)

2015-10-30 10.47.25 Lil Peg Sherry in Oatman AZ

Lil, Peg, and Sherry in Oatman, AZ

This time Peg and neighbor Lil take us to Oatman, where burros reign and roam free. Oatman is an old west mining town a block long. When the mining ended and the miners left, the burros were left behind. The burros have taken over the town, roaming the streets freely, eating from our hands while we walk Main Street. Clark Gable and Carol Lombard used to stay at one of the hotels.

2015-10-30 12.30.07 Oatman AZ

Sherry feeding burros in Oatman, AZ

Peg is a superb organizer, and we quickly find ourselves volunteering to serve pancakes, and biscuits and gravy at the Firehouse Pancake Breakfast fund-raiser. Successful turnout! Enjoyed watching the parade to celebrate the London Bridge’s 45th anniversary of being moved from London to Lake Havasu. (Yes, the actual London Bridge is in the Arizona desert.)

2015-11-07 09.45.15 Fireman Breakfast in Lake Havasu AZ

Al, Sherry, and Lil serving biscuits and gravy at the Firehouse

Depart Lake Havasu, travel to Palm Springs.

2015-11-11 17.06.07 Palm Springs Veterans Day Parade

Fireworks in Palm Springs, CA

The Palm Springs Veteran’s Day Parade does an outstanding job of honoring veterans. After the parade, the city completes the event with live music and fireworks. A big Thank You to all veterans.

Regardless of our “gypsy” lifestyle, medical coverage is still important. Our insurance cost was skyrocketing. Heard about a Christian alternative, sort of a medical expense coverage co-op for Christians called Christian Care Ministry. We researched it, were impressed in many different ways, and switched to it to cover any major medical bills. Website is ChristianCareMinistry.org .

2015-11-15 10.09.35 Cowboy Church in Sky Valley

Cowboy Church in Sky Valley, CA

We love local churches to celebrate our faith with other believers. North of Palm Springs is Sky Valley’s Cowboy Church. Excellent praise and worship music courtesy of Jesse and the Range Riders band, and super teachings.

2015-11-20 18.02.30 Sherry birthday with Louie

Louie and Sherry celebrate Sherry’s birthday

2015-11-21 19.17.12 TT Sherry and Bob at Sock Hop

Sherry and Bob boppin’ at the 50’s Sock Hop

Louie and I help Sherry enjoy a Happy Birthday!

Then, the next night we went to a Sock Hop and danced to music from the 50’s. I love dancing with her, and seeing her pig tails bopping around. Her mom says we look like teenagers!

It’s been a lot of fun sharing this with you. See you next time On Our Adventure!



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