Week 41: Fish Puppies, Clothing Optional, and Chinese Lanterns (Jan 12-18, 2014)



Bashford Pond with Fish Puppies

Bashford Pond with Fish Puppies

Sherry and I chuckle at the fish in the pond who are just like puppies, following as we walk around the pond! Walk one way and they swim along right next to us. Turn around and they all turn 180 degrees and follow us back, bumping into each other in the process. Mighty funny.

Bashford's RV Spa

Bashford’s RV Spa

Play Texas Hold ‘em. Sherry does better than Bob, and both go “all in” without winning. Dance lessons in the evening, although we were looking for the cribbage game. Walter begins teaching Bob guitar picking versus chord strumming.

On Sunday church at Bashford RV Park near the Salton Sea, part of the service is dedicated to remembering Bashford RVers who passed away last year. This group is family.

BLM camping in Quartzsite, AZ

BLM camping in Quartzsite, AZ

BLM camping in Quartzsite, AZ, is free. Sad to leave Bashford: It’s been a lot of fun. Great people. Quartzsite is on the way to Tucson to celebrate Sherry’s Mom’s birthday, so off we go!

Quartzsite is quite an experience, dry camping with tens of thousands of other RVers. RV and Gem Shows happening. Neighbors Linda and Bob invite us over for rum and coke plus dinner with their friends. It doesn’t take long before we are having a great time.

Celia's Rainbow Garden in Quartzsite, AZ

Celia’s Rainbow Garden in Quartzsite, AZ

Cecile’s Rainbow Garden is a peaceful walk, built in memory of teenager Cecile who positively impacted this Quartzsite community.

Sherry at Celia's Rainbow Garden

Sherry at Celia’s Rainbow Garden




Clothing Optional for Oasis Book Store Owner

Clothing Optional for Oasis Book Store Owner

The Oasis book store, run by scantily clad Paul Winer. Large selection of books, but the novelty of Paul is what makes everyone talk about his store.

When it’s dark, we light a Chinese lantern then release it to float away to who knows where. Having lived in high fire hazard areas, this activity seems a little crazy, but it’s common here in Quartzsite.

Our solar panel system has just enough power to recharge laptops, cell phones, and wifi hot spots for five days. Hopefully we will see you again next week before we run out of power On Our Adventure!

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