Week 9: June 2 – 8, 2013 Ocean, Cards, Songs, and Great Food!

2013-06-02 10.31.02 Bob Sherry Cecile Wayne at Laguna Beach CA

Sherry and I enjoy lots of laughs with Wayne and Cecile at Oceanside on Sunday.
Visited with local named Bal, saw the Whaling Wall (a parody on the name of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem). Continued on to Aunt Helen’s home, staying with her until Saturday. Aunt Helen, 95 years young, is a lot of fun. Love being her partner in cards and she is really good at the game of 500! Skye sings beautiful, soulful lyrics. JR fingerpicks guitar skillfully while I strum along on chords. Skye and Sherry both love providing massages, and have some great talks together about massage. Helped around Helen’s home, fixing a few things here and there, but mostly socializing. 2013-06-06 19.10.32 JR Pam Helen Sherry at HelensWent to the Gallett bar to listen to Hunter and his band. Good and loud. Lot of fun dancing, watching “the kids” (they’re mostly in their 20’s and 30’s) having fun. Pam, JR, Sherry, and I went. Skye arrived separately. What a surprise when Joe showed up at Aunt Helen’s home! 2013-06-07 18.28.30 Bob Sherry Joe at HelensHe is on vacation with friends in California, and drove over to visit with everyone for the afternoon. Such a great young man. His arm is in a splint, and he’s getting it looked at. Drove the scenic route to the vineyard, stopping along the way to buy delicious fruit and avocadoes. Dinner at the vineyard was extra special: Thai! Srisuda cooked it all, and everything was delicious.

2013-06-08 20.48.33 Thai dinner best photo Ellen Sherry Tim Junebug Jack Carolyn Dora Mia

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