Week 5: May 5 – 11, 2013 Finding a Travel Trailer

Originally, Sherry and I were going to tent for the summer after the house sold. We started talking about the other stuff we plan to take. I’d like to take the bikes. Sherry would like to continue providing massages while on the road. And I’d like to take my guitar and amp. Suddenly, the car is overflowing, and it won’t hold it all. It’s been raining a lot. Sherry mentions it’s muddy outside, whether we are in a tent or not. Yes, a travel trailer makes good sense, so we start looking for a travel trailer. If we don’t find a travel trailer, we will buy a cargo trailer to haul the stuff, and continue to look for a travel trailer while on the road. We have a deadline of May 23 for house closing. We will be on the road right after closing.

We figured out what size travel trailer our GMC Yukon will tow. Look at a few travel trailers. Some of the floor plans won’t work at all for us. We learn a travel trailer queen bed is smaller than regular queen. Some beds are set up so I would need to wake Sherry up so she could get out of bed in the middle of the night so I can get up and use the bathroom. Not gonna happen!

On our way to take a second look at a travel trailer that fits budget and has an ok layout, we learn about a travel trailer that is for sale and not published. Sherry’s nephew Kerry learned about it from one of his customers. Checked it out, and made the deal. Very nice 24 foot travel trailer with an actual queen size (not travel trailer queen) bed. We can get it in a week after it’s been dewinterized.

God is amazing at how he is orchestrating this entire move. The trailer wasn’t advertised, totally word of mouth, is in excellent condition, great layout, and within our budget.

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