Out of Power!

Our first stay without electrical outlets to plug into for power we stayed one week in a National Forest. Gorgeous setting. Lots of trees and hiking. Campground had a central water spigot and showers but no power to individual campsites. No problem we thought.

Sherry hiking to Mount Palomar Observatory in CA

Noticed our incandescent bulbs getting dimmer each evening. At the end of the week our trailer batteries were nearly drained. No problem we thought.

We’d been told trailer batteries charge while driving. Drove a couple hours to the next National Forest. Central water spigot but no power to individual campsites. No problem we thought.

Until we discovered our trailer batteries had not recharged. We were OUT OF POWER! EEK!

Learned 2 things:

Observatory Campground, Cleveland National Forest, CA
  1. Batteries “trickle charge” while driving, which means at least 8 to 12 hours non-stop driving to charge. Learning curve!
  2. Our propane refrigerator requires battery power! Learning curve!

Conserving power is essential. Started on the Learning curve of

  1. Power management
  2. Conserving power
  3. LED vs Incandescent bulbs
  4. Solar Panel vs Generator
  5. What is an amp? (as in 20amp, 30amp, 50amp)

(Soon, but not yet, you will be able to simply Click on each topic to read more…)

Thank you for joining us On Our Adventure!

Bob and Sherry

Tell us your story! Ask a question! We love hearing from you!

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Taking a break (Oct 2018 until ?)

2016-05-05_174245 Bob and Sherry in Tulsa OKThese past 5 years have provided us more fun and memories than we ever envisioned. We met new friends that shared incredible stories of their adventures and their lives, gone places we previously didn’t know existed, experienced nature and God’s creations in ways that touched our hearts and soul, and lived a lifestyle many only daydream about.

We put together a short video for you that highlights people we met, places we saw, and life we experienced in just the first year 2013. (Click here, sit back, and enjoy!)  As soon as the other highlight videos are ready, we can let you know. 

2013 On Our Adventure!

2018-08-13 Bob concrete grindingIt’s time to take a break while we recoup finances and replace our travel home so we can resume the lifestyle again. We came to Colorado this past summer to take care of some projects, and we will be in Loveland while we “regroup”.

Our blog never got into the details of this lifestyle. If you have questions about some of the inside details (such as “How do you get your mail?”), let us know. If you have experiences you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them!

2018-09-18 Sherry and Louie after a good game of cardsBeing “On Our Adventure” is alive and well in our hearts, even if we’re not physically traveling around at the moment. Do we continue the “On Our Adventure” blog when not traveling full-time? We shall see.

Until we meet again… On Our Adventure!

Bob and Sherry (and of course Louie!)



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Our Summer Vacation 2018…

From Southern California “hippy days”,

2018-01-20 Val Sherry Bashford 60s dance

Val and Sherry from the 60’s…

2018-02-07 Sherry in Hammock2018-01-23 Crib Kids Jerry Bob Sherry Heather

to lounging in Bev’s backyard hammock…

or being “cool” indoors…

and taking care of “Lucky” in Arizona…

2018-05-05 Sherry and Lucky 16.20.45

Sherry and Lucky

even getting car stuck in sand while driving backroads near Tucson…

2018-03-17 Digging Out

Take the shortcut!

2018-02-06 Circus Bears

Louie, Honey, and Brownie “bearing around”

fun making a totem pole with friends…

2018-05-08 Sherry Bob at San Tan Flats in Queen Creek AZ

Sherry and Bob enjoy dinner at San Tan Flats

or going to San Tan Flats in Queen Creek, we’re having a great time.

Not sure where we head to after Colorado, but thank you for joining us “On Our Adventure!”

Keep in touch!

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AZ-CA-NM-AZ-CA-where? (Oct-Dec 2017)

Hectic, Fun, Sad, Hectic, Fun, Hectic, Fun yep, that sums it up!

2017-10-07 Bob Sherry goofy picturesedited

Bob and Sherry goofin’ around at the wedding pics…

2017-10-07 Chris and Jenyka first danceEdited

Dancing at the wedding

 FUN! Last blog we were preparing for October wedding in Arizona. Beautiful bride and groom plus a super fun time.


HECTIC – Sherry flew to Colorado to bring her Toyota car back to Arizona. We now travel with two cars. Why? Yukon engine was failing. Debated replace engine vs replace car with diesel pickup truck then upgrade trailer to fifth wheel. Replace engine won coin toss.


2017-11-01 Louie Hauling Trailer

Is Louie the bear really driving the Toyota pulling the trailer????

FUN! While Yukon was in shop for a week getting new engine, neighbors in RV park never saw the Yukon. Only saw the Toyota. Neighbors kept asking how we pull our trailer with the Toyota! Picture shows Louie preparing to pull the trailer with the Toyota.



2017-10-08 Organ Pipe Pizza Mesa AZ 16.33.24

Wurlitzer Pipe Organ with nearly 6,000 pipes

FUN! Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, AZ, hosts Wurlitzer pipe organ with nearly 6,000 pipes! Enjoyed two-hour concert while devouring some tasty pizza. Great family atmosphere. (Colorado trivia: This Wurlitzer pipe organ was originally built in 1927 for the Denver Theatre in Denver, Colorado and continued in use for many years before being silenced by a fire that damaged essential parts.)

HECTIC – Drove both cars and trailer from Arizona back to Southern California near Salton Sea. Really miss being in the Yukon with Sherry. Being together is a whole lot more fun than driving separately.

2017-11-21 Geneedited

Gene Hansen. 92. He will be missed.

SAD… Sherry’s father passed away in Colorado. Age 92. He will be missed.

HECTIC – Sherry immediately drove to Colorado to be with her mom after learning about her dad passing away. Bob flew next day to Colorado for funeral. Sherry stayed with her mom several weeks helping out.

HECTIC – Sherry’s and her mom Bev got things taken care in Colorado so… Time to head south to Arizona for the winter! Bev flies but Sherry drives from Colorado to Tucson a few days before Bev – in time to pick Bev up at the Tucson airport. Stays in Tucson a few weeks to help Bev.

HECTIC – Bob flies California to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a few days consulting job.

2017-11-28 DeLorean Albuquerque NM

“Back to the Future” DeLorean

FUN! While in Albuquerque visited National Nuclear Science and History Museum. Saw (“PLEASE DON’T TOUCH!”) DeLorean from “Back to the Future“!




2017-11-28 time lapse eclipseedited

Time lapse of eclipse in the desert

Time-lapse photo of eclipse in the desert.

2017-12-01 Balloon Museum Albuquerque NM 10.45.42edited

Albuquerque International Balloon Museum


You’ve probably heard of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta each October? Toured Albuquerque International Balloon Museum where the fiesta begins. Museum houses balloons from expeditions crossing the North Pole, South Pole, Atlantic Ocean, and many more. Worth visiting.

HECTIC/FUN:! Bob drives from California to Arizona for some work stuff plus a few days fun in Tucson with Sherry and Bev.

2017-12-22 Sherry and Bev on Christmas Caroling Hay Ride

Sherry and Bev join jolly carolers

FUN! Bev and Sherry drive Tucson to California for Christmas with Bob at Bashford’s RV Park near Salton Sea. Lots of fun Christmas caroling on the hay ride – especially with all the (alcohol enhanced) “egg nog” served at each stop along the way. Karaoke after caroling (and remember the egg nog?).


2017-12-10 Bashford RV Park 16.00.29edited

Jelly Belly Christmas

Bob’s rendition of Mick Jagger singing “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” caused Bev to ask Sherry if Bob gets like this often! Crowd loved it.



Unexplained lights in the night sky. Santa and his reindeer perhaps?

2017-12-22 Christmas caroling night near Salton Sea 17.32.47edited

Strange lights in the night sky while caroling. UFO? Aliens? Lasted several minutes moving across the sky.

FUN! Slab City with Bev. Pictures show some of the creative artistry from the residents.

2017-12-23 Slab City Fork in the Road 12.09.48

FORK IN THE ROAD! at Slab City

2017-12-23 Slab City 12.02.30edited

Slab City vehicle artwork







2017-12-23 Bev and Sherry at Salvatin Mountain

Bev and Sherry visit Salvation Mountain

FUN! Salvation Mountain. Always a must see.

HECTIC – Sherry and Bev make hasty exit from California back to Tucson when Bev learns her grand-daughter Brenna is in Tucson for a few days from North Carolina.

2017-11-03 Sherry at Bashfords RV Park 11.14.48

Sherry with Chocolate Mountains in background at Bashford RV Park near Salton Sea, CA.



FUN! Sherry and Bob are finally together again in the trailer at Bashford’s RV Park near the Salton Sea in sunny Southern California. Location is warm and sunny – far from the fires, mud-slides and heavy rains. Whew!


20180110_16231 Cowboy Bob singing

“Bobby M…” singing

FUN! Now our weeks are filled with a selection of activities:
Aquasize each morning in the pool.
Sherry leads aquasize when instructor is gone.
Music jam session Monday nights.
Cribbage Tuesday nights.
Happy Hour Wednesday afternoons.
Bingo Thursday evenings.
Karaoke Friday nights.
Monthly free breakfast paid for by RV Park recycling.
Dances with live music Saturday nights.
Church on Sunday.

2017-12-22 Louie

Louie keeping his head warm

FUN! Sherry is the popular massage therapist in the park. Bob fills in as guest musician for  Happy Hour, dances, monthly breakfast, and church.

WHEW!   Thanks for hanging in until the end.  Until next time as we continue On Our Adventure!


Webmaster Louie loves to read your comments!



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On the Road… Again! (Aug-Sep 2017)

It’s great to be On Our Adventure again.

2017-08-26 Group at Gene 92nd birthday

Celebrating with Gene on his 92nd birthday. Way to go Gene!

After six weeks in Colorado,  we drove briskly using the northern/cooler route to Northern California. US 6 across Nevada is mighty desolate: Barely a car was seen. Nearing Reno, traffic increased and many cars were totally covered in white stuff. We think it was alkali on the cars returning from Burning Man.

2017-09-04 entering California on Donner Pass

Welcome to California! Donner Pass on Labor Day.

Donner Pass on Labor Day Monday was essentially a parking lot of weekenders driving home. Welcome to California traffic!





2017-09-07 TT Snowflower Emigrant Gap CA

Camping at Emigrant Gap, CA


Enough of the traffic. Pulled off at Emigrant Gap near Donner Pass and stayed several days in beautiful, peaceful, tall forest trees by the lake. Ahhhh.



2017-09-05 TT Lake at Snowflower Emigrant Gap CA

Lake we camped next to and hiked around at Emigrant Gap, CA

When we resumed traveling, we enjoyed all the fields of produce growing in Central California as we headed south to visit friends and relatives. Great time in Morro Bay, Oceano, Santa Paula, Pasadena, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Lake Havasu with friends and relatives.


2017-09-19 Binoculars at Venice Beach CA

The Binoculars Building at Venice Beach, CA

Experienced our first Sound Bath while in Pasadena. Quite the experience! Difficult to describe but highly recommend it. And the Vegan food at the restaurant before the Sound Bath completed the experience. I have the good fortune of eating fabulous food prepared by Sherry and JR and Debbie and Ellen and Belinda and Brenna and many of our other gifted friends so I’m not making any comparisons. I’m just saying it was really good.

2017-09-19 Bob and Sherry Venice Beach CA

Walking on the beach with my sweetheart

Arrived at the ocean! Walked barefoot in the waves along the beach with Sherry. Great times.





2017-09-16 Sherry with Julie the Cockatoo in Santa Paula CA

Sherry with the cockatoo Julie

Sherry and Julie the cockatoo were quite the pair talking to each other. Then the cockatoo would pretend to fall, laugh and look at us to see our reaction. Polly want a cracker? Ha ha ha.



2017-09-25 TT Palm Desert CA

Date trees at sunset in Palm Springs, CA

Currently in the Phoenix, AZ, area preparing for a family wedding. After recovering from the wedding, plans include turning around and heading west into southern California. We look forward to your comments while we are On Our Adventure!



2017-10-03 Louis Lamour

Love this quote by Louis Lamour

Bob and Sherry

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California dreamin’ (July 2017)

This past year we were working in Garden City, Kansas. Terrific people. Really enjoyed them. The job ended and we realized how much we miss the ocean, mountains, deserts, open space. So we’re heading to San Diego. 2017-07-13 Sherry in caravan leaving Kansas

Planning to be in Colorado through end of August, drive a northern/cooler route west then south along the coast. Looking forward to seeing many friends and relatives along the way.

2017-07-16 Bob Sherry Estes Park CO

We are OnOurAdventure again for the next couple of months, but not resuming full-time for a while yet. Just wanted to give you an update. Any comments or suggestions you have regarding the San Diego area would be greatly appreciated. See you next time  OnOurAdventure!

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A Pause On Our Adventure (May 15 – …)

2016-05-10 14.23.52 Mullinville KS

Artistic creations in Mullinsville, KS

The past three years have been a marvelous experience, meeting super people, enjoying places in the United States that some people will never see, and growing stronger in our love for each other. This whole adventure started as God wanting us out of the ruts we were in. He orchestrated amazing things to make it happen. Every season ends. And it appears this season has wrapped up for a while.

2016-05-06 19.29.09 Niece Kathy and Bob

Niece Kathy with Bob

We were in a remote area of Texas, with virtually no cell phone reception, and received a voice message that the Government would like to hire Bob to work in Kansas. We found cell reception (amazingly, and very briefly), made a few phone calls, and decided to go for it. The start date gave us just enough time to travel thru Oklahoma, visit nephew Mike and family, plus niece Kathy and her daughter, before arriving in a small town in Kansas.

2016-05-15 15.02.05 Memorial

The town is small, but their Honor is HUGE.

We now have an entirely new adventure of Bob learning a new job, Sherry getting her massage business rolling, housing (Do we upgrade to a fifth wheel or get a house? Rent? Buy? Oh my!), learning the town, meeting the people, and getting involved in the local community…  The traveling part of our adventure is on pause for now. The past three years were an amazing time. We thank everyone for following along with us. Someday we will launch out again, having gained considerable knowledge in how to live full time on the road. But for now, we are back in the mainstream. It’s been great getting feedback from you along the way. Life itself is an adventure. The traveling part of On Our Adventure is on hold, but we are embracing this new season with excitement and anticipation. It’s been fabulous! Please stay in touch.

2016-05-22 13.54.14 Sherry by train in Garden City zoo

Sherry stands by “Ol’ Two Bits” at the Garden City Zoo.










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Life On Our Adventure: What’s it like?

Recently a friend emailed to us asking questions like: What has life been like living on the road? Challenges, surprises, inconveniences. By the time I finished typing the reply, I chuckled, realizing it’s an entire blog! I hope it’s not too long for you, but more importantly, that you enjoy reading it. So here goes… 

2016-01-04 15.24.26 Dave and his head

Dave and his “head”

 What has life been like living on the road? Better than we ever expected. Admittedly, we entered into this with very few expectations. Originally just taking a break, getting out of the circles of life we had created, breaking free to start fresh.

Many people ask if we are enjoying retirement. We reply, quite honestly, that we are not retired: We are just taking a break. A break that has lasted three years. It’s been an absolutely fabulous adventure.

The people we meet are so fun, outgoing, thoughtful, helpful, and generous. The subculture of “full-timers” (as we are called because we do this life-style full-time) are a terrific group of people.

2016-01 Bob Sherry Sue laughing at Bashfords

Bob, Sherry, and Sue having a good time.

Attitudes of full-timers is quite different from vacationers. We remember when we were vacationers: The idea was to cram as much as possible into a very short time period, drive incessantly long hours to “get there”, and be worn out when we returned. But we are not on vacation. This is our lifestyle. It takes a few years to learn to slow down, smell the roses along the way. Now we go out of our way to just “see what’s over there”,  walk up to a total stranger and start a conversation, or see a young mother watching her child while they did laundry in a public laundromat and be so moved by her attentiveness and thread-bare clothing as to pay for her day’s laundry. We now see life from a different perspective.

2016-01-22 13.22.03 Ada Johnson edited

Ada brings a smile to everyone!

 Adjustments: Without a doubt. But difficult? When we first started we both had differing, yet unspoken expectations of how we should hook up the trailer to the car while working as a team, where we should drive, how to use a map, figuring out a GPS that takes us on wild goose chases, how far to drive, where we should stay that night. The decisions were not always made in calm conversation. So yes, there were adjustments we made.

Living together in close quarters for the past three years, we learned to work as a team. We learned to relax. We learned to truly honor the unique differences in each other.

2016-01-23 09.14.45 Darlene and Joe

Darlene and Joe, eh?

Our trailer is small enough that a television did not fit when we were originally loading everything. Being the American television addicts that we were, having no television seemed like it would be the end of the world to me, at first. A person has to fill the time, or become really bored. Being bored is… boring, (duh), and we hate to be bored. So we started talking, and playing cards. I play guitar, singing to Sherry. She reads to me. I get the pleasure of watching her suddenly laugh out loud while reading. Life is the small things.

2016-01-22 17.02.12 Gordo and Lorain edited

Gordo and Lorain – happy new homeowners

She cooks in this tiny little kitchen that has maybe two square feet of counter space. She has never complained about the tiny kitchen. There is no room for an oven, and the three burner range is propane. I joke that I finally got her the gas range she always wanted! She is a fabulous cook, becoming even better in this tiny environment. Her interest in making sure we are well-fed, eating delicious food, has accelerated. I do the dishes. She cooks, I wash. Seems fair. She asked me once if I mind doing the dishes. My reply? Washing dishes is a small thing to do in return for the excellent meals she prepares. And besides, it helps fill a niche of time that I would otherwise have to figure out something to do so I’m not bored. Remember, I hate being bored? <grin>

2016-04-19 13.52.38 Gene wearing father Petes hat

Gene wearing his dad Pete’s hat.

Showering was an adjustment. We have a tub and shower combo in the trailer. It’s the size of a short phone booth, but everything works really well in it. No leaks. Hot and cold water work really well. The shower-head has a switch to turn off the water when we are not rinsing so we don’t fill up our holding tanks needlessly. Notice I didn’t say waste water? Yes, it keeps us from wasting water, but more important is… don’t ever let the holding tanks overfill.

2016-03-12 14.45.16 Ellery Rose

Ellery, master musician and entertainer

If we are not hooked up to sewer, then we look for “dump stations” to drain the tanks when we are getting ready to travel. Sometimes, though, we stay long enough not hooked to sewer that we use a “honey pot” (aka either a simple five gallon bucket or a fancy enclosed bucket on wheels) to drain the tanks and carry or wheel the honey pot to a dumping location. Never drain holding tanks onto the ground! Black water (toilet) is obvious. Some people think draining gray water (sinks) onto the ground is OK. We prefer not to. Grey water contains a lot of food particles, toothpaste, soap, and stuff that take longer to decay than just a few hours when the next person pulls into the spot you just vacated.

2016-01-22 16.39.21 Steve and Val

Steve and Val

 Challenges: Challenges is a much better word than problems. It’s all a mindset. Challenges are a positive mindset. Problems are a negative mindset. We have plenty of challenges. The good news is: Somebody before us already experienced the challenge and solved it! Often times, we simply need to find out how somebody else solved the challenge.

For example, how do we get our mail? This is one of the top questions. There are many solutions, and everyone seems happy with the solution they use. Some people use companies that scan the mail, emailing the good stuff, and discarding the rest. Other people have a friend or relative periodically box up all the mail, good or junk, then re-mail it all to wherever the travelers happen to be at the time. It’s very doable.

2016-04-25 11.19.09 Rhonda and Keith at Caprock State Park TX

Rhonda and Keith at Caprock State Park, Texas

 Surprises: How easy this adventure has been. But it was easy because of a lot of people helping! Including  friends who have lots of experience living in fifth-wheels who showed us many small things about our trailer, hooking up, using checklists, and other full-timers who willingly share tidbits when we struggle with something.

2016-02-24 14.05.15 Sherry Bob Diana Graig in Tucson edited

Sherry, Bob, Diana, and Greg together in Tucson, AZ.

 Inconveniences: Routine medical and dental care that need to have appointments made months in advance. Planning where we will be months in advance is sort of the opposite of the purpose of this lifestyle. But we deal with it.

 Experiences of life on the road: How many hours do you have for us to share? The experiences are absolutely fabulous, wouldn’t trade them for anything.

2016-05-05_174245 Bob and Sherry in Tulsa OK

Bob and Sherry in Broken Arrow, OK

We really enjoy getting your emails and feedback. If you have any other questions, let us know while we are On Our Adventure!

Bob and Sherry







2016-01-27 16.56.56 Louie and Honey in Tucson edited

Louie and Honey in Tucson

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Arizona, Colorado, Little Grand Canyon of Texas: April 3-30, 2016

2016-04-04 07.56.57 Bev Sherry Gene at Tucson Airport

Sherry helping her parents prepare for flight

Winter in Tucson was fun and relaxing, then the whirlwind of travel began. Visit with cousins Mike and Belinda a few days.

2016-04-02 16.48.34 Katy Belinda Dawn Adam Cel Bill Sherry Jennica Chris Mike

Family dinner

Plan to visit cousins on Peg’s side of the family, but wildfires and a family funeral send us scurrying quickly to Colorado.

2016-04-02 13.51.29 Cactus and flowers

Cactus in bloom

Along the way, we see lush green forests from mountain tops in Arizona. Beautiful Roosevelt Reservoir brings life to an otherwise dry Tonto Basin. The area preserves a history of people living in cliff dwellings on the sides of mountains, plenty of saguaro cactus, and, being springtime, plenty of bees collecting nectar from the cactus flowers.

Arrive in Colorado just in time for a spring snowstorm.

2016-04-16 11.50.26 Bob shoveling snow in Broomfield CO

Typical stance for Bob in snow

Want to visit our Colorado friends and church, but the snowstorm prevents it. After the funeral, we hop onto US Hwy 287 south, which meanders into Texas.

2016-04-21 09.16.19 Louie and Sherry in Lamar CO

Sherry helps Louie on his first pony ride

We prefer two lane US highways. Generally stay off Interstates as much as possible. We overnight in Lamar, Colorado, arrive in Texas the next day.

2016-04-21 17.25.31 Palo Dura State Park TX

Palo Duro State Park Texas

Palo Duro State Park in Texas is like a miniature Grand Canyon. Very popular.

Miles and miles of wind turbine farms throughout the panhandle of Texas.

Watch a coyote foraging for food in our campsite in Caprock Canyons State Park in Quitaque, Texas. Herds of Bison graze and roam everywhere thru this Texas State Park, and are officially given priority over us campers. Love it!

2016-04-26 08.20.53 Bison at Caprock State Park TX edited

Bison roam freely

Cell phone service is typically non-existent in Caprock Canyons. It’s an hour drive to laundromat, but clothes need cleaned! Free concert one evening by Cecile Whyte on guitar and John Walker on keyboard. Excellent musicians.

Rains heavily in central Texas. Several of our selected camping parks are flooded, so we continue to Bridgeport north of Dallas. Visit nephew Mike and Pam and their family.

Sherry’s father is in the hospital due to a variety of issues, and he is recovering. Thank you all for praying for his recovery.

2016-04-29 15.11.21 Sherry making healthy drinks in her new NutriBullet

Sherry in her kitchen with the new NutriBullet

Write a book about our travels? A number of people have suggested the idea. There is already plenty of information on the subject. No sense writing yet another one, unless we can write something others haven’t touched upon. We would like to get your input regarding what you think about the idea. Is there some aspect of this adventure lifestyle that you would like to read from our perspective that isn’t already available elsewhere? If there is sufficient variety and interest, a project might get started.


2016-04-14 15.11.49 Sherry and Bob at Route 66 Albuquerque NM

Sherry and Bob on Route 66

Our days and nights are relaxing. We seem to be getting much better at ping pong. Visit travelers from other countries and states. Play guitar. Read. Play cards. Visit. Sight see. We always look forward to meeting the next people we might become good friends with! God bless, and thank you for visiting with us On Our Adventure!





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Relaxing in Tucson for the Winter: Jan 24-Apr 2, 2016


Larakeets Love Sherry!

Larakeets Love Sherry!

Sherry overseeing the tow.

Sherry overseeing the tow.

You may recall from the last blog, we stayed a couple months in Southern California near the Salton Sea, then traveled to Tucson for the remainder of the winter. “Settled in.” Watched the Super Bowl. Found musicians to jam with.  Gave and received massages. Located a great fitness center. Victory Worship Center is our favorite church in Tucson. Plenty of great praise and worship, followed by excellent teachings every week. Volunteered to help with the Easter Egg hunt. 300 volunteers. 2,000 children. Plenty of grins while watching children of all ages hunt for Easter eggs.

Joe presents Bev's 86th birthday cake.

Joe presents Bev’s 86th birthday cake.

We celebrated Bev’s 86th birthday. Happy Birthday Bev! Joe flew in from Colorado to join in the festivities. Always great seeing Joe. He helped Sherry turn one large ostrich egg into enough scrambled eggs to feed thirteen of us. Ostrich eggs taste a bit creamier and lighter than chicken eggs.

Bob and Sherry at Easter Egg hunt

Bob and Sherry at Easter Egg hunt

Evenings usually fill with Bev, Sherry, and Bob playing card games. Sometimes we watch a movie together, like “Jersey Boys”, “Monsters, Inc.”, or “Mama Mia”. Fun shows. One evening, a Tucson magician kept us entertained as we kept wondering “How’d he do that?”

Changing to daylight savings time while in Arizona drives us crazy. Not because Arizona doesn’t change their time, (well, maybe that’s part of it), but because when we awake on the first day of daylight savings time, every clock is different, and we have to remember where we are at, whether daylight savings time changed where we are at, and then figure out which clock has the right time! I’m sure we never got it right, because now we’re always late! <grin>

Bev after foot surgery

Bev after foot surgery

Our Adventure these last three years started with taking a break, and it’s been great. Now Bob is doing his best to qualify for a Cyber Security position with the Federal Government. He has a few certifications to acquire, and some schooling to complete to get it done, but that’s what he would like to do to wrap up his final working years before retirement.  Wish him luck! But until a hiring happens, we will continue our “gypsy lifestyle” while On Our Adventure!


Bob jammin' at the Chicago Bar in Tucson

Bob jammin’ at the Chicago Bar in Tucson

Celebrating Terry's 66th birthday. All these birthday!

Celebrating Terry’s 66th birthday. All these birthday!










Gene harvesting grapefruit.

Gene harvesting grapefruit.







Is there a Bigger Problem here?

Is there a Bigger Problem here?







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