Taking a break (Oct 2018 until ?)

2016-05-05_174245 Bob and Sherry in Tulsa OKThese past 5 years have provided us more fun and memories than we ever envisioned. We met new friends that shared incredible stories of their adventures and their lives, gone places we previously didn’t know existed, experienced nature and God’s creations in ways that touched our hearts and soul, and lived a lifestyle many only daydream about.

We put together a short video for you that highlights people we met, places we saw, and life we experienced in just the first year 2013. (Click here, sit back, and enjoy!)  As soon as the other highlight videos are ready, we can let you know. 

2013 On Our Adventure!

2018-08-13 Bob concrete grindingIt’s time to take a break while we recoup finances and replace our travel home so we can resume the lifestyle again. We came to Colorado this past summer to take care of some projects, and we will be in Loveland while we “regroup”.

Our blog never got into the details of this lifestyle. If you have questions about some of the inside details (such as “How do you get your mail?”), let us know. If you have experiences you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them!

2018-09-18 Sherry and Louie after a good game of cardsBeing “On Our Adventure” is alive and well in our hearts, even if we’re not physically traveling around at the moment. Do we continue the “On Our Adventure” blog when not traveling full-time? We shall see.

Until we meet again… On Our Adventure!

Bob and Sherry (and of course Louie!)



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